Sometimes I paint portraits of people who are posing, but it is very demanding for them and for me because it takes much longer and people are not used to holding the pose anymore, as for the children let’s not talk about it, they can’t do it, they freeze after a short time and their smile becomes a grimace ……. of course I prefer to meet the subject Whether I meet him or not I need a photo (several if possible) and even a little video to get an idea of his personality

For this portrait I met the kid and photographed him. which allowed me to better capture his personality. Sometimes a bad photo allows me to capture a detail that is invisible in a good image..

One day some clients wanted to give their surprise portrait to newlyweds. They gave me a photograph of the groom facing the sun where his eyes in the dark looked black as a Spanish man’s. Luckily I asked for details, he had very bright sky-blue eyes hemmed with black lashes but you couldn’t see it in the photo

You can choose to do a full-length portrait or the face or just the face and bust. I can also do a portrait of the person surrounded by the animals they love, or a setting reminiscent of their passions. you have examples of this in the various drawings and paintings you can see on the blog.