New miniatures on tea bags

I love drawing on used tea bags. They have a little bit of a painting-on-parchment feel to them.
I like to draw on used tea bags. Here you can see some landscapes but I also paint animals, flowers, people etc

The little fishpond house near the Sofitel Thalassa in Quiberon (sold)
Port d’Orange beach in St Pierre Quiberon . Before selling it I painted a seagull on the ugly label (sold)

Details to order a miniature on a tea bag

You may want me to paint the landscape, the flowers, the boat, the objects of your choice or the full-length portrait or the face of one or more people you love, one of your animals etc.
Please think carefully about what you would like
the best would be that you call me or even if we could meet if are on the Quiberon peninsula so that we can discuss it.
To make the miniature I will need one or 2 photographs that are sharp and detailed.
As with the other miniatures, I can paint landscapes, portraits, animals, a bouquet or a flower you have been given, there are lots of possibilities. The tea bag can be spread out lengthwise or heightwise, it can remain folded, I can paint on a series of bags placed side by side.
According to the estimate of the working time , I will draw up an estimate for you indicating the time of realization , usually 2 to 3 s , Accepted estimate , I will ask you for a deposit of 30% of the total.I will send you a photograph of the miniature when it is completed and you will receive it by registered mail with insurance and tracking code after your payment of the balance . If you click on To Order at the top of the page, you will be able to read the terms and conditions of the order

as you can see on the exemple below I also paint a small miniature on the label. This small painting is in relation with the miniature, it will be the child’s or the animal’s joet or its place of walk, or an element of the miniature. You can suggest your ideas

miniature  Nemo le chien sur sachet de thé, dog on teabag, Hund auf teebeuteln
Miniature of the Dog Nemo, watercolour, graphite and gouache

I can also paint the portrait of your pet dressed in antique costume , you choose the style, the century, the colour. In general the coloured background is covered with gold paint unless you don’t like it .
I prefer to be sent several photos, as a photo is only a moment in the life of the . In this portrait I’ve opened Nemo’s eyes a little more so you can better see his look.