Resin and gold leaf miniatures on old ivory

arche de port blanc in Quiberon on the cote sauvage. Garnets

Before 2009, when I was no longer painting on enamel, I used to paint my miniatures on the old ivory keys of an old piano. The very light frame was made of Fimo polymer resin that I decorated with fine stones, lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet, azurite or freshwater pearls and I gilded it with real 24-carat gold

Goldleaf work

The resin being very light, these miniatures could be worn as a pendant, but I found the modelling a little too rough

I made on order the portrait of several cats
I painted the landscapes of this beautiful island for a gala exhibition in Capri organised by Lord Anders Cavendish (the paintings are less than 2 cm high

I painted our Quiberon beaches. the round paintings are painted on polished bone medallions 36mm in diameter, the lower ones on the ivory of 2 piano keys about 2cm high.
2 beaches with seagulls on the left azurite stones; on the right turquoise stones