Details to order a miniature on paper

You may want me to paint landscape, flowers, boat, objects of your choice or the full-length portrait or the face of one or several people you love, one of your animals etc.
Think carefully about what you want. Those miniaturees are very appreciated presents
The best thing is for you to phone me or to make an appointment if you are on the Quiberon peninsula so that we can discuss about it .  The miniatures can be round, oval, square or rectangular according to your choice, the minimum size being 1 inch  and the largest 2 inches.
To make the miniature I will need one or two clear, detailed photographs of each “element”. You will be able to choose the size of the paper on which I paint the miniature which is normally between 12 and 15cm
I will soon add pictures showing all these possibilities.
Following the evaluation of the working time, I will establish you an estimate indicating the time of realization, in general from 1 to 3 weeks according to the number of orders because certain periods (before Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc…) are busier.
If you accept the quote, I will ask you for a deposit of 30% of the total,
When it will be done, I’ll send you a photograph of the finished miniature  and you will receive it by registered post with insurance and tracking code after having paid the balance.   If you click on Order at the top of the page, you will be able to read the terms and conditions of order