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My C.V.

Born in Quiberon/France

I won contest and medals but the only one I'm proud of is the one I got when I was 5

<<<Berlin Kudam 1972

Member of the Taylor Foundation.
Silver medal "Académie Arts Sciences et Lettres " in Paris
resigned from teaching at the end of my studies to go on painting as a professional painter.
Then I studied one year in an artschool in Nice and went as an au-pair in Cologne/Germany where I studied in a private art school. 1971/75 Hoch Schule für Bildene Kunst (Art school) West Berlin, poems
Illustrations and various salons (Cologne, Berlin), I sold my paintings in the street Kurfürstendam in Berlin.

1976 Back to Quiberon, I paint and sell in my own studio : the Galerie ART+

Personnal exhibitions

  • FRANCE : Pontivy, Redon Concarneau, Sainte Maxime, Lorient, Redon, Saint Malo, Billiers, Nantes, Thouaré, Vannes, Gavres, Lorient, Arzal, Pluvigner
  • SAOUDIA ARABIA : Djeddah
  • USA : Pittsburgh/Pensylvania, Saint Louis/Missouri
  • Germany : Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Kempten, Barmstedt-Hambourg, Pinneberg-Hambourg
  • JAPON : Mieken

G roup Exhibitions - Art fairs

  • FRANCE : Belle-Île, Marseille (prix d'excellence), Vannes, Plescob, Treflean, Bizoles, Toulon (silver medal) Paris (3ème prix salon artistes de France), Arles (prix d'excellence), Cannes (Diplôme d'honneur), Riom, Deauville (grande finale), Lorient, Nice, Carquefou , Nantes, Landivisiau December 1999 Salon de l'Assemblée Nationale à Paris, UNDER THE PRESIDENCY OF Mrs Fabius (prime minister's wife)
  • GERMANY : Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Kempten
  • USA : Dallas, New York (silver medal)
  • BELGIA : Brussel
<<<Kudam Berlin 1973

Since 1987 permanently in Quiberon, Pinneberg(Hamburg)

I like switching from one painting technique to another. I use water- colour for my outdoor sketches. I draw with crayons, pastels
and paint small oils as preparation for bigger works. I work a lot on those last works, larger oil colours or big watercolour drawings and you can see I am very figurative. I hope I show my feminine outlook on the world. I am very much against the terrorism of the official contemporary establishment art. Most of the time it is only repeating the ideas of the first 35 years of the 20th century. Once upon a time those ideas my have been revolutionary but wasn't it a long time ago ? The word "contemporary" is used in place of "modern" which mostly means "fashionable".
I am an artist of my time, so I am a contemporary artist. I want to follow on the tracks of BALTHUS, a great artist that many official critics use as an alibi. (They most of the time say : I like contemporary art AND Balthus) .
Balthus said : " It's already been a long time that "avant garde " is a notion that no longer mean anything. The false Art Amateurs, speculators buy what they don't understand because they are affraid of "missing the coach". That's the big misunderstanding of modern art. This phenomena helped the development of the non-figurative dictatorship".
Balthus is (he was: the artworld lost him on Sunday February 18th 2001) a great contemporary painter and I try to follow in his steps and Botticelli's, Burnes Jones and other ancient masters .
It's not enough to be designers. We are also HANDWORKERS, using centuries-old techniques to which we're lucky enough to be able to add modern discoveries. I try to be a witness of my time, to show the beauties of our world and its horrors sometimes. Contemporary musicians still practice their instruments, dancers train their muscles, I think it's a pity that in our official schools of Beaux Arts it's now almost forbidden to learn or even to know how to paint.
I'm proud to know some techniques, I still have to learn more. I'm now more than 50, I hope like Hokusai that when I am 100 I'll still be making progress ! ! !
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