To order

To order a painting or commission an artwork

If you buy on my Etsy store, the price is indicated and you follow the rules of the selling platform which are in accordance with the European and French selling rules.

You can however buy directly from me one of the paintings of this store and as I will not have to pay the Etsy fees, for any direct purchase you will benefit from a 10% discount, the conditions of shipping and return being the same as on Etsy,
If you wish to buy directly just contact me, I will deactivate the painting on Etsy and will establish you a paypal invoice that you will be able to pay online either with your paypal account if you have one or with your credit card. The well-packaged shipment will be made by post within 3 business days by simple registered mail with tracking code and insurance insurance

Special orders

Miniatures of our children , grandchildren and even our favorite animals are very appreciated gifts and not too expensive. Moreover the small frames exposed together on a wall make a very beautiful decoration and with each arrival of a new member in the family ( human or not ) the collection grows harmoniously

I also make paintings and drawings to order in different techniques, oils, pastels, watercolors, inks, watercolored drawings .

For any commissioned work first contact me by phone because I can better explain what kind of photography I need . For a portrait if your photo is in black and white, you will have to tell me the colors to use .
I will then be able to tell you the cost of my work because it depends on the technique, my working time, the subject and the support used. For the miniatures the prices range between 60€ and 140€.

The price of those larger works also depends on the technique, size and the possible frame .

Whether it is miniature or larger work, I will then make an estimate taking up all the details we will have agreed and if you accept it I will ask you for a deposit of 30% . To make the payment of this account easier, I can make you a global paypal invoice payable online in several times online by credit card or paypal account or if you are in the nearby area and you prefer, in cash and I will issue you a receipt.
Count 1 to 3 weeks of delay. If it is an oil it will also be necessary to wait for the complete drying before the sending
To order an enamel miniature with a bronze frame
to order a miniature on a used teabag
To order a miniature painted on paper