Other children, other dreams

About twenty years ago I started to paint children’s dreams, a little dancer who dreams of being a star, the one who dreams of adventures…. but these are the dreams of the well-to-do children . Poorer children have other dreams

Oil on canvas, the middle one was bought by a person working for an NGO

These children just dream of being able to survive. their basic need is water and food
These large oils have all been sold, now I only paint these dreams (and nightmares) in the graphite and watercolour

the painting on the right was bought by a member of a German non-profit society
Aktien Sorgen Kind, to be used for fundraising for unhappy children

Children’s dreams, why this theme?

My eldest daughter won a first flight at the age of 9. She got out of the little Cessna and said I want to fly. I encouraged this childish dream which became an adult passion. And now she flies pipers, cessnas and other small planes, helicopters, jets, DC3s, gliders, microlights and works in aviation. This inspired me to work on this theme.

Airman’s dream watercolour drawing on 600gr paper 70x60cm.
The photo is unfortunately truncated and of poor quality. (sold)
Airwoman’s dream . watercolour drawing on 600gr paper – 70x60cm(sold)/

I paint “classical” portraits but I can also paint your children( or any other person you wish to see painted ) with surrounding showing a world that corresponds their character and his/her past, present, future life or dreams. Unfortunately, I cannot show you the ones I have already done because they are private commissions. For this just contact me

Lights of life


I had painted a series of large watercolour drawings on the theme light of life. The women of the boats are waiting for their men at home and the men are in a hurry to return to the light of their lives. When they return to the port they let themselves be guided by the other light of their life, the lighthouse (a little less now because they have GPS).