Miniature paintings on enamel with bronze frames

frames handmade by me and opal white enamel on copper ready to be painted
Red throat painted on white opal enamel +handmade bronze frame adorned with garnet, the enamel piece is 25mm diameter (no longer available)
my work table

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50 years ago I leant miniatures on enamel
I painted portraits for the customers of a Berlin jeweller friend who set them in silver frames. Back in France in 1976 after graduating from the Berlin Fine Arts School I didn’t enamel much anymore, I painted large canvases and watercolours
Then I discovered polymer clay and as I didn’t know metal work I painted watercolour miniatures on the ivory keys of a 19th century piano. I set them in a fimo frame gilded with gold leaf and inlaid with fine stones and pearls
Three years ago when I learned to work with bronze, copper and silver (I know how to work with silver, but I prefer bronze and copper),
I decided to start painting enamel miniatures again and make their frames myself.
So I can create a frame of the size, shape and style you want
I make the frames in bronze (white or yellow) set with fine stones or not and I enamel the copper plates with a white opal base enamel (black or coloured if you prefer), I counter-enamel, I enamel the reverse side of the piece to prevent differences in tension between the metal and glass. This first firing is done at 830°C/1526°F. Then I paint several layers of vitrifiable colours , generally 7 or more, each of them is fired some degrees lower than the support.

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