Quick pastel sketches

Left, portrait sketched with 3 pencils, right, quick sketch of a Bigouden couple,
To have a portrait drawn in this style contact me

I was walking along the wild coast, a couple were kissing on the edge of the beach, I sketched them quickly. The pastel sketch gives a lot of vigour and movement to the drawings

quick sketches of the beach and sea at port bara unfortunately the photos are not very clear

Pastel sketching and children’s portraits

Pastel is a great medium for portraiture, whether it be in the old technique with multiple layers or in pastel sketching .
I can draw a full length person or portraits of children, adults, animals. I have drawn one of my daughters and a friend’s son with his pet

the 2 drawings are for sale in my gallery

Pastel Sketches and Movement

You will recognize a pastel sketch easily. You can really see the chalk lines and the sketch lets the paper show , so the colour of the paper is very important. This technique gives a lot of movement and strength to the artwork.

the 2 drawings on the left are for sale in the gallery size 50x40cm

I sketched a naturist friend at the wild coast of Quiberon and I cheated for one of the portraits, she had tanned a lot I modified her hair I made it long and straight and I invented a waterfall. That’s the advantage of graphic art, you can remove and add elements .