The Mainecoon Kitten, painted on watercolour paper

Until now, I didn’t think of taking pictures of the miniature portraits I was commissioned to do and anyhow I couldn’t publish here the private portraits
I painted this little mainecoon kitten for my pleasure and yours I hope . the painting is about 35mm in diameter it is painted on a 12/12cm paper

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if you get to the To Order page, it explains you how to order ici

Détails to order a miniature on paper

Think carefully about what you would like

As with the other miniatures, the best thing is for you to phone me or make an appointment if you are on the Quiberon peninsula so that we can discuss it. I will need one or two photographs to make the miniature. As with the others, I can paint landscapes, portraits, animals, a bouquet or a flower that you have been given as a gift

There are lots of possibilities, the miniature can be round, oval or square.
The paintings can be between 2cm and 4cm
I usually paint them in a mix technique of watercolour, crayons, gouache and graphite on a 12cmx12cm paper but you can decide on another paper , another format , another size , especially if you have a frame I can paint for that frame .
I will add some pictures soon showing all these possibilities.
According to the evaluation of the working time, I will establish you an estimate indicating the time of realization, in general from 1 to 3 weeks, Accepted estimate, I will ask you a deposit of 30% of the total. I will send you a photograph of the miniature when it is completed and you will receive it by registered post with insurance after your payment of the balance

Resin and gold leaf miniatures on old ivory

arche de port blanc in Quiberon on the cote sauvage. Garnets

Before 2009, when I was no longer painting on enamel, I used to paint my miniatures on the old ivory keys of an old piano. The very light frame was made of Fimo polymer resin that I decorated with fine stones, lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet, azurite or freshwater pearls and I gilded it with real 24-carat gold

Goldleaf work

The resin being very light, these miniatures could be worn as a pendant, but I found the modelling a little too rough

I made on order the portrait of several cats
I painted the landscapes of this beautiful island for a gala exhibition in Capri organised by Lord Anders Cavendish (the paintings are less than 2 cm high

I painted our Quiberon beaches. the round paintings are painted on polished bone medallions 36mm in diameter, the lower ones on the ivory of 2 piano keys about 2cm high.
2 beaches with seagulls on the left azurite stones; on the right turquoise stones