Miniature paintings on enamel with bronze frames

frames handmade by me and opal white enamel on copper ready to be painted
Red throat painted on white opal enamel +handmade bronze frame adorned with garnet, the enamel piece is 25mm diameter (no longer available)
my work table

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50 years ago I leant miniatures on enamel
I painted portraits for the customers of a Berlin jeweller friend who set them in silver frames. Back in France in 1976 after graduating from the Berlin Fine Arts School I didn’t enamel much anymore, I painted large canvases and watercolours
Then I discovered polymer clay and as I didn’t know metal work I painted watercolour miniatures on the ivory keys of a 19th century piano. I set them in a fimo frame gilded with gold leaf and inlaid with fine stones and pearls
Three years ago when I learned to work with bronze, copper and silver (I know how to work with silver, but I prefer bronze and copper),
I decided to start painting enamel miniatures again and make their frames myself.
So I can create a frame of the size, shape and style you want
I make the frames in bronze (white or yellow) set with fine stones or not and I enamel the copper plates with a white opal base enamel (black or coloured if you prefer), I counter-enamel, I enamel the reverse side of the piece to prevent differences in tension between the metal and glass. This first firing is done at 830°C/1526°F. Then I paint several layers of vitrifiable colours , generally 7 or more, each of them is fired some degrees lower than the support.

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Details to order an Enamel+bronze miniature

Think carefully about what you want
the size of the painted enamel never exceeds 4 cm in size or diameter . I can paint a portrait, an animal, a house, a landscape. Recently I was asked to paint a miniature of Port Haliguen in Quiberon in 1952
the frame can be in bronze or copper, it can be irregular in size or round, oval, square. quite wide, narrow, decorated with different motifs flowers, fish etc., I can decorate it with fine stones see my jewellery site ( you will be able to see all that is possible

I was commissioned to paint the Keraude beach at sunset I first put it in one of my bronze frames , then my client found an old silver one . the enamel is 25x25mm (1 square inch)

I can also make a painting on enamel for a frame that you have
the best is that you phone me or that meet if you are on the Quiberon peninsula so that we can discuss it.
To make the miniature I will need one or two clear and detailed photographs.

Depending on the estimate of the time needed, the stones used and the size of the miniature, I will give you an estimate of the time needed to make the miniature, usually 2 to 3 weeks. For example, the robin was sold for 120€, estimate accepted, I will ask you for a deposit of 33% of the total. I will send you a photograph of the miniature when it is completed and you will receive it by registered post with insurance after your payment of the balance.

fine details of purchasing and special order conditions on the order page.

New miniatures on tea bags

I love drawing on used tea bags. They have a little bit of a painting-on-parchment feel to them.
I like to draw on used tea bags. Here you can see some landscapes but I also paint animals, flowers, people etc

The little fishpond house near the Sofitel Thalassa in Quiberon (sold)
Port d’Orange beach in St Pierre Quiberon . Before selling it I painted a seagull on the ugly label (sold)